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PyGoWave Desktop Client

Hi everyone,

a little x-mas present for all you guys out there using PyGoWave =). You can grab it here And its OpenSource of course.

Short description:
Desktop Client allows you to connect to any PyGoWave Server without using a browser. It requires less resources and can run in your system tray all the time, notifying you when you get new Waves.

Notes for developers
This project includes two sub-projects which can be used seperately: JSWrapper, a C++ to JavaScript Object wrapper framework for use with QtWebKit, and the PyGoWave Qt/C++ Client API which allows you to write 3rd party clients and other software around PyGoWave

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Alpha 0.4 released

Hi fellow Wavers,

as you might have noticed PyGoWave was down yesterday for a little update, the reason was we raised the version of our Server from 0.4Dev to 0.4.

We are really thrilled about this update, there is a alot new stuff for you guys out there to try!

So first of all let’s talk about the changes on the outside. The most obvious would be the new sitedesign, we think this is more suitable for our goal of creating an active and growing OpenSource Project.

Our  biggest new feature is the multiple blip support, it’s now possible to have a actual conversation over PyGoWave, as in Google Wave you can now reply to previous blips. With this PyGoWave has done a big step forward from being a Proof-of-Concept to a Google Wave alternative.

Ok now it’s getting interesting for all the Devs out there. With 0.4 we release a little Client Server API, so you are now able to connect your App with PyGoWave. We use the STOMP Framework from the Guys at Codehouse to do this and a tutorial of how you connect your App to PyGoWave can you find in our Forum.

Please if you find new bugs report it on GitHub or contact us via Twitter, IRC or open up a Wave.

That’s all for now but something really cool is coming soon!

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Official Forum

Hey Wavers,

we decided to install a Forum on our Server to get a better connection to you guys.

You can reach it unter and  you can Login with your existing PyGoWave Account.

The reason we did this is, we hope to get better in touch with you and to everyone who is interessted in developing for PyGoWave.

So log in and have fun!

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We moved, several times =)

Ok for all of you who didn’t noticed it yet, we’ve got our own Domain ( But thats not all, p2k passed his exams at University so we are now ready to code on!

Furthermore we moved the Source of PyGoWave to GitHub. GitHub allows us a more open way of collaborative coding. Before this step, PyGoWave only had one (though pretty active) developer.

Now everyone is invited to help developing PyGoWave. So please feel free to fork the project and code, PyGoWave is an OpenSource Project and we would love to see Code from you in it.

If you got question about e.g. coding for PyGoWave you can meet us on our IRC Channel #PyGoWave on Freenode.

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Not expected

Hi fellow Wavers

You may noticed that we’re currently fight with some Server issues.

At the moment we don’t know why our Server is going doing so often. But we are aware of this problem and we’re working on a fix, so all of you can use our Service and test your gadget’s.

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New and improved

Ok here we go, since yesterday our latest “major” release is live, which is Version 0.3. I think p2k managed to implement all those features we descriped in our Roadmap .

The coolest new thing is definitely collaborative editing within waves. It’s now possible to write stuff within a wave and edit it collaborative with your fellow wavers.

And we did some improvements under the hood. As you can see we changed our URL to , you will be redirected to it, and all this stuff is now hosted on a seperated v-server just for pygowave itself. So only pygowave is going down if something breaks and not our whole server.

Furthermore PyGoWave is under available with SSL encryption. The SSL certificate itself was created by us and is not trusted, due to the fact that we do not have the money to buy a trusted one. Nevertheless its better than nothing =)

And last but not least we are now on ohloh, which is kind of an Socialnetwork for Programmers and OpenSourceSoftware. You can get to our project page here. Feel free to add us to your “I use this” list.

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Sneak Peak

Short Update, we’re currently testing the next Update (Version 0.3) for a short Preview you can look at this Picture =)


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The Mind of Ward PyGoWave Coverage

Short Video about PyGoWave and what’s it all about.

Thx goes out to Thomas who made this nice video. More of his Coveragevideos can you find here

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PyGoWave Concept Art

We just received a very cool Logo Concept Art for PyGoWave and I can’t let you miss it!


Thanks to TheAncientGoat for this cool image!

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Server is back up

Hello fellow Wavers!

Our Test Server at is finally back up. Due to technical reasons we were not able to restart it until our  provider’s business hours so we could repair it via their rescue system.

Nevertheless, the Server is now back online and waiting for you to test your gadget’s on, have phun =)

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